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_Prayer Catcher

Space Mosque

Artifacts from the Space-Mosque.
"We believe this artifact played a critical role in the prayer realization process.  As explained by Captain Imam to a select group of scientist during a rare tour of The Vessel:

"The Prayer Catcher absorbs prayers from the Du'a Network.  This is a spiritual network in the physical world.  It behaves like a telecom network, but its data is entirely spiritual prayers.  It picks up on the vast network of energy transmitters and receptors across the globe.  Minarets, steeples and synagogues all serve as energy signal towers.  In fact, every time two hands join in prayer, the human body itself becomes a unique transmitter, much like a DNS server.  This release of energy after praying explains why humans feel so light after the act of prayer."

This object, along with architectural drawings of the Vessel, was found in the storage room of a laboratory belonging to a prominent Nuclear Scientist in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.  He claims to have no recollection of how the objects got there, nor does he recall any experience on a spaceship." - Saks Afridi
_Currently on display at Ford Foundation, previously on display at Icon Gallery//
advisors: Ferda Kolatan and Saks Afridi

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