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_Architecture & Illusions

Image Object
Collaboration: Anthony Mull

This model is a study and enhancement of Andrea Pozzo’s Sant’ignazio Nave where Trompe l’oeil techniques project a 2d drawing to a 3d building from a single station point.  Both the architecture and the drawing shift in and out of dimensionality as the viewer moves to and from the favored viewpoint.  The glitches in the image “reveal their own production and open up formerly comprehensive images to misreading and interpretation; despite relying on a single center, Pozzo’s frescos produce a poly centric mode of viewing” Brennan Buck
Our intervention intends to further enhance these moments of glitching and misreading by shifting the dimensionality of the surface being projected to while maintaining the integrity of the original image at its station point.

1st Image Object
2nd Image Object
IMG_7810~photo clean.jpg
Photo Mar 18, 10 46 39 AM.jpg
3rd Image Object
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