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_Red Rock Pavilion

Desert Trailhead

On the outskirts of the Las Vegas valley you'll find Red Rock National Park.  A destination for wildlife, outdoor activities, and adventuring.  Only a few trailheads are marked with structures.  This is a proposition for one that is not.  

Despite having a terrific view the now existing small parking lot does nothing to highlight the spectacle of this hiking trail.  This pavilion will elevate occupants out over the hillside to draw people to focus on the massive geological formations in front of them.  This rest area will provide information about the park as well as be a place of refuge from the hot desert surroundings.

The skin is composed of two metals that are pressed together with such force that no adhesives are need to keep them as one.  These different metals have different coefficients of thermal expansion which cause the metal to bend and curl with temperature change.  You can alter the temperature at which they begin to curl by the temperature at which you press them together.  This project uses a variety temperatures when compressing the metals to where in the summer the roof panels closes to block the sun and the walls open to allow a breeze and in the winter, the roof opens to allow for direct sun light and thermal gain, and the walls close to block the cold winds.
interior render flat.jpg
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