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Evolo Skyscraper Competition
Collaboration: Jesus Garcia, Taryan Peake,Javier Gonzales

The forecasted rate of population growth and the traditional construction and infrastructural expansion techniques used to meet the rising demands will eventually result in depletion of land and resources.  Current city expansion approaches not only draw heavily from resources, they make wasteful use of land, can consist of environmentally harmful practices, and do not always reflect the physical and psychological needs of occupants.  It is apparent that more of the same practices will not solve the issues associated with population growth and the needs for expansion

O-MEGA seeks to resolve the demand for a new approach to city expansion.  Essentially, it adds a layer of infrastructure above and throughout existing cities that addresses the per-existing development flaws with modern technology and knowledge.  This eliminates the need to expand outward, liberating the land to preserve natural growth.  Contrary to traditional construction methods which are time consuming, wasteful, and potentially hazardous, O-MEGA is an intelligent infrastructure that is self-building.  This is accomplished with the use of urban scale 3D printers, controlled by algorithms that take into account a number of factors when making construction decisions; involving less risk and time, while ensuring the best possible design.  Because of this individualized approach, O-MEGA is a solution for worldwide development issues.
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