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The plaza is an important public space for a city. It is often holds sculptures and other works of art. Performance groups will frequently entertain in these areas. But it is also a place for public gathering, sharing of ideas, chance encounters and the voicing of opinions. So how does one go about designing a space that can host all of these different functions? A common method is to build a flat surface and let whatever performance be it a public protest, wedding photos or a jazz performance take on top. But can it become much more than that? How can we design a public space with geometric variability embedded into the architecture that allowed for programmatic diversity.
Different performances, public events or even weather call for different architectural gestures. Public Form uses
a series of panels that can pivot, interlock and re-attach to themselves to allow for a high degree of flexibility in
its form. This allows the architecture to react to the event taking place within it in order to accommodate most

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